HighLifter Mud Nationals 2018

The Gear Lift System – By SXS Gear — Order Direct 810-422-5539

Do you want “Power on Tap” for quicker acceleration? Do you want mud-slinging, get-through-anything, power? Do you want rock crawling torque just off idle? How about an added 4″ of ground clearance? You can have it all! SXS Gear has revolutionized the side by side UTV industry. Our Patented Gear Lift System utilizes portal box technology to provide a 30% gear reduction at the wheel, as well as a 4” lift and 3.5” of added track width. This means you get better low end torque, 4” of ground clearance and room for more aggressive tires, and 3.5” of width to help with trail stability. You get all this in one package! The SXS Gear – Gear Lift System!

A 4″ Lift Done Right!

One of the first upgrades many of us make to our side by side UTV is the addition of a lift and bigger, more aggressive tires for better trail performance. While our gear lift system will certainly lift your Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR, Can-am Maverick, or Can-am Commander, it also addresses some of the critical issues missed by standard lifts.

Standard lifts may require expensive axle upgrades or gear reductions to operate properly. These lifts may also put unneccesary damaging stress on suspension components by changing driveline, suspension and shock angles. SXS Gear has engendered our portal boxes specifically for your UTV to provide 4” of lift by moving the axle’s center line at the wheel. Our gear lift system gives you the lift you need while retaining factory suspension angles and ride quality.

A 30% Gear Reduction Means Power On Tap!

The 30% gear reduction sets our Patented Gear Lift System apart from other lifts. A standard lift and the addition of larger tires will affect your vehicle’s performance. Why? Final gear ratios.

Factory gear ratios are designed for optimum drive line performance with factory spec equipment. Lifting and installing larger tires on your UTV without addressing axle ratios reduces the effective gear ratio. So, Just running bigger tires leaves your engine operating below its intended power curve, robbing you of performance, fuel economy, belt life and drivetrain efficiency.

Each Portal Box in our Gear Lift System provides a 1:1.4 gear reduction. Through 3 heat treated gears, our gear lift multiplies torque at the wheel, meaning less stress on drivetrain components while restoring and exceeding low end performance lost to increased weight and tire diameter. In dyno testing, our system produced peak horsepower up to 4.5 seconds faster! See how our gear lift system did here!

There’s Only One SXS Gear!

SXS Gear holds the U.S. Patent for Portal Box Gear Lift Systems for UTVs. While portal boxes have been around for many years, SXS Gear has applied, developed and perfected this technology for your Polaris or Can-am UTV. Holding the SXS Gear name and patent number on the product means you can be sure to expect top notch machining quality, perfect product design and fitment and product support for the life of the product! SXS gear offers a full limited lifetime warranty on all gear lift systems. We all like to play hard on the trail so we also offer a full line of replacement components for our fully serviceable portal boxes.

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