Many clients have asked questions regarding SXS Gear's products. Your question may be answered here. Check it out!

  • How much lift does it provide?

The lift kit provides a true 4 inches of lift.

  • Does it put pressure on the suspension components?

No. Actually the lift system is designed to keep all suspension parts in their factory location. The ride quality, turning radius are the same as factory.

  • How much does each portal box weigh?

Each portal box weighs approximately 35 pounds, you will need to remove the factory components. The net weight increase is 10 to 15 pounds per wheel.

  • Are they water tight?

Yes. Each axle and spindle is sealed with high quality seals, and the portal lid and cap have their own gaskets.

  • Can I install the portal lift system in conjunction with another lift?

The system is designed to fit a stock side-by-side. It is not recommended that this portal lift be used with any other system, spring spacers or lift kit.  

  • What size tires can I run with this portal system?

Although you will gain clearance with this portal system, we recommend that the stock tire, or equivalent, be used.

  • Can I service the portals?

Yes. There is a drain plug in the bottom and a fill plug in the back of each portal box for gear lube changes. Gasket kits are available through SXS Gear.

  • Are parts available if something were to wear out or break?

Yes. Every part on the system is replaceable. Call SXS Gear directly for your part replacement needs.

  • What is the warranty on the portal System?

The portal system comes with a 6 month warranty and is initiated with the supplied warranty registration card in the kit. This warranty is valid to the original purchaser only.

  • What size wheels do the portals fit?

The system requires at least a 14“ wheel (rim) as the actual portal box tucks nicely into the inner wheel. Larger rims can be used with these portals.