Why SXS Gear?

SXS Gear is Power on Tap!

We know the trail and we love the mud! Here at SXS Gear, we know that just lifting your UTV for ground clearance and bigger tires is almost never enough! While our gear lift does give you 4" of lift for ground clearance and bigger tires, the key feature of our system is the 30% gear reduction. This gear reduction at the wheel gives you power when you need it the most! want to get through that mud? or rock crawl off idle? Look at the dyno test results. You can hit your peak power up to 4.5 seconds faster. When you bury your UTV in mud up to your seats. 4.5 seconds is a lifetime! Get the lift you want with added trail performance with our Patented Gear Lift System!
Dyno testing for SXS Gear's Gear Lift System

There is only one SXS Gear

A customer called me the other day very unhappy with his purchase from a local dealer. He had purchased a gear reduction/lift for his Polaris RZR. He was told that the kit he was buying was identical to the one that SXS Gear had offered. Of course I was eager to see what he had purchased. What I did next was either a smart move, or a foolish one. I had him send me the kit he purchased and I replaced it, free of charge. Now, I won’t mention any names, but I will certainly share the pictures of our findings. See the video below for detailed comparison. Buyers, Please beware!!