About Us

Product History & Development

SXS Gear, llc. has revolutionized the Side by Side industry.  We dreamed many years ago about how this industry would grow.  Just like in the truck / Jeep world… BIGGER tires..wheels…lifts…  We knew these machines would require a gear system to handle the increased weight and loads put on these machines and motors.  We delivered!  We have a trail tested portal lift system!  We design and build each kit in Flint, Michigan.  Nearly every component is made in our shop.  Assembled in our shop.  We are not a big box retailer.  We are guys just like you… Running trails, running mud, climbing rocks!  We have tested and proven our designs in the real world environment.  That is why we stand behind what we build.

Power On Tap!

The Portal Lift…

If it’s larger tires or increased ground clearance you’re after, we offer a lift system for you. Whenever larger tires are installed on a vehicle, it will have an effect on the vehicles performance. Why? It has to do with the final gear ratios. Gear ratios are designed for optimum drive line performance. When taller tires are installed on a vehicle, but the axle ratios are kept the same; the effective gear ratio is reduced. This means the engine is operating below its intended power curve. Performance, fuel economy, belt life and overall driveline efficiency will suffer. SXS Gear LLC, has developed a patented lift system that utilizes a gear box at the wheel. This gear box, not only provides approximately 4 inches of lift, it does it without affecting any of the factory suspension parts. The upper and lower control arms, drive shafts, tie-rods etc. maintain their factory positions and angle measurements. The increased weight and tire diameter are compensated through the gear reduction at the wheel. This is a complete system that can be bolted on to your UTV with standard tool in a couple of hours.

With the release of the portal gear lift, SXS Gear has redefined what’s possible in aftermarket lifts for UTVs. This kit utilizes a portal box with-in the wheel hub, moving the axle center line up 4” providing lift and clearance under the axle center. This system maintains factory suspension and angles, eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket axle upgrades.

However, it’s the built-in gear reduction that sets it apart from other lifts. This kit provides a 1: 1.4 gear reduction which is about 30%. It consists of three, heat-treated, steel gears that increase torque and regain horsepower that’s often lost with the addition of a lift and larger tires. By multiplying torque at the wheel, the gear lift reduces the amount of torque that is transferred through the CV axle shafts, differential, and other drivetrain and suspension components.

Anytime you decide to lift an off-road vehicle, there’s always more work to be done than just bolting on a lift kit and hitting the trails. In the past, larger lifts and tires have required axles, gear reductions, and more to achieve that factory feel. The gear lift has taken lift kits to the next level by providing a single, bolt-on large lift solution so riders can hit the mud, rocks, and everything in between. While this technology is not new and has been around for many years, this patent pending interface with UTVs is revolutionary. The gear lift takes UTV lift kits to the next level by addressing critical issues missed by traditional big lifts, which is improved torque at the wheels, factory-like ride quality, and reduced strain on the driveline. The gear lift is available for Polaris Ranger 800, Polaris Ranger 900, Polaris RZR 800, Polaris RZR 1000, Can-Am Commander 1000, and Can-Am Maverick 1000 with additional models coming in the future. Kits retail at $3,395 and can be purchased at www.sxsgear.com

Nothing out of the box…Custom is our J O B!